This survey will provide you with basic information on potential health and safety hazards within your home.  All information collected through this survey will be completely anonymous.  If you choose to provide your email in order to have the survey results sent to you, your email will be erased as soon as the email has been sent.  The only information that will be retained through this survey will be the responses provided, your city and your zip code.  No identifiable information will be accessible.

The HHST is designed to be used as a screening tool by non-housing professionals to make observations about the home and is not intended to be used as a definitive analysis of housing conditions. The primary purpose of the HHST is to educate residents about any risks that may be present within their home. GHHI Detroit-Wayne County does not guarantee that any work will be completed on the home. The tips suggested in the following pages are not guaranteed to eliminate the risk identified and assistance by a licensed housing professional may be required for complete hazard remediation. Assistance from the local organizations provided on the following pages is dependent upon program availability and eligibility requirements and may be subject to change as determined by the local organization.