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Green & Healthy Homes Services

Our Green & Healthy Homes services are provided to families with children who live in dwellings with poor health and safety conditions.  CLEARCorps Detroit, a partner of GHHI Detroit-Wayne County, and other partner agencies use their expertise and resources to help improve the quality of life for eligible families.

The assistance provided includes:

  1. An in-home visit with the family to identify the hazards in the home.
  2. Free or low-cost repair services to address health and safety hazards in the home for eligible residents.
  3. Personalized education on best practices for keeping a safe and healthy home.
  4. Free or low-cost health and safety products such as a fire extinguisher, smoke detectors, a carbon monoxide alarm, a vacuum cleaner with HEPA-rated bags, cleaning supplies and child-safety products for eligible residents.
  5. Access to other GHHI Detroit-Wayne County partner agencies and grant opportunities that could benefit their family.

Green Jobs Training

Our Green Job Training and Placement program has been designed to provide meaningful employment opportunities to underemployed and unemployed individuals.  Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice, a partner of GHHI Detroit-Wayne County, and other partner agencies use their expertise and resources to create equality in accessing green jobs while transforming communities through sustainable, and environmentally just practices.

Graduates of the 12-week training program receive the following:

  1. Basic Skills (Job Readiness, Life Skills, Environmental Literacy, etc.)
  2. HAZWOPER Certification
  3. Lead Worker Certification
  4. Asbestos Worker Certification
  5. OSHA 10 Workplace Card
  6. Confined Space Entry
  7. Deconstruction Training
  8. Phase I/Phase II Environmental Site Assessments Training

Advocacy/Community Organizing

Our Advocacy efforts seek to support the conduct of local dialogues with landlords, regulators, funding agencies, and others in Detroit and Wayne County to encourage them to implement healthy homes standards in the housing units that they control.

Policy Making

Our Policy Making efforts seek to facilitate the adoption and implementation of local housing and health codes to encompass standards for private sector rental owners and/or homeowners. Examples include the implementation of basic maintenance codes and additional requirements for healthy home interventions when owners improve a property.

Legal Enforcement

Our Legal Enforcement efforts seek to support the execution of existing laws and regulations that can lead to substantial healthy home improvements when fully enforced. Examples include:

  1. Supporting attorneys in local prosecutors’ offices that are dedicated to healthy homes cases;
  2. Establishing specialized housing courts where these types of cases are litigated;
  3. Supporting the education of attorneys in prosecutors’ offices and legal service agencies so they can effectively litigate these cases; and
  4. Supporting the development and dissemination of effective educational materials targeted at various audiences such as tenants, landlords, home owners, judges and other agency personnel.